H Cup Adventures

As I outlined in my previous blog, my boobs grew so I'm no longer a G cup (bye, bye G cups).  Now I'm in a desperate search for cute and affordable H cup bras to give a solid foundation to my clothes and proper support to my back.  I am a frequent customer of the online lingerie retailer, Bare Necessities, but this time I decided that I wanted to try it before I buy it.  Cup sizing is not uniform between brands and even within a brand (more on that later), and not all styles are for my bust type.  Therefore, since by boobs are in flux, I decided that an in person fitting was best.

The first stop on my H Cup Adventures was Essential Bodywear.  I had had a pop up shop with Staten Island rep and professional bra fitter, Tina, so I tried on one of her bras.  The lift and comfort were good, but their cup sizes run small.  Essential Bodywear bras only go up to an H cup, which, in their brand, is too small for me.  Next up is The Rack Shack in Brooklyn, NY.  The shop has a solid inventory of reasonably priced full cup bras that cater to a younger aesthetic.  I tried on a number of Cleo by Panache and Tutti Rouge bras, and I'm so glad that I tried them before I bought them.  Tutti Rouge is all over the place with their sizing.  I'm a 32 HH in their Jessica Bra, a 32GG in their Nichole bra, and a 32H in their Beatrice Bra.  My favorite of the three is the Nichole Bra.  As you can see, those are big cup size jumps.  I love Tutti Rouge's styles, but their sizing is too inconsistent for me to risk buying from them online since they ship from the UK.  I'll just stick to buying in store until they fix this issue.  Anyway, The Rack Shack didn't have any Tutti Rouge bras that fit me, so I went with my tried and true brand: Panache.  I tried on Cleo by Panache's Della Balconette Bra and it was perfect!  This is a popular bra for big bust bloggers and now I see why.  Simply put, I like the way it makes my boobs look and it's comfortable.  I prefer a lot of lift in my bras, but sometimes a lot of lift translates to uncomfortable straps and the bra digging into my armpits and rib cage, but this is not the case with the Della Balconette Bra.  It provides wearers with lift and perfectly rounded breasts.  I highly recommend.

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