I'm In Love With Japanese Candies

I just got back from a trip to Tokyo and I probably spent more time and money on procuring candy than actual food.

I was on a mission from the time my plane touched down at Narita Airport.  I was going to find purple sweet potato Kit Kat's and buy them all.  The first time I went to Tokyo, I discovered that convenience stores only sell 3 types of Kit Kat's: green tea, dark chocolate, and regular.  The airport has more variety, however they are more expensive.  So for my second visit to Tokyo, I came prepared.  I had researched different places to buy a variety of Kit Kat flavors.  I found a few small candy shops that had pumpkin and cookies & cream flavored Kit Kat's, but your best bet is a candy store located in the First Avenue Shops at Tokyo Station.  But be forewarned, they don't stock much in the summer because of melting issues (see photo).  I almost cried when I read the sign, but I went back a week later and the sign was gone and they had stocked more!  Yay!  In the end I was able to buy wasabi, chili, strawberry cheesecake, cookies & cream, cheesecake, sakura green tea, pumpkin, red bean paste, and green tea Kit Kat's.  Unfortunately, purple sweet potato is a discontinued flavor.  When I returned to the USA, I gave some to my cat sitter, friends, and family, and I definitely scored some brownie points.  I also discovered my absolute favorite candy of all time: the Oreo Chocolate Bar (vanilla).  It's HEAVEN.

As you can tell, I have a HUGE sweet tooth.  I enjoyed trying different cheap candies at Tokyo convenience stores and I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of snacks that utilized the purple sweet potato flavor.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Kit Kat will reintroduce that flavor in the near future.

I was able to find shops in NYC (Brooklyn Chinatown, Manhattan Chinatown, Flushing) and Cleveland (World Market) that sell green tea Kit Kat's but they cost $7.99 compared to $2 in Japan.  Actually, it is cheaper to buy them on ebay from Japan.  I found a seller selling them for $5 with free shipping.  However, the other flavors are way more expensive on ebay.

I highly recommend Japan.  The candies are on point and Tokyo has the most Michelin Star restaurants of any city.  There are also fantastic cheap eats.  You will eat very well there.


I found the coveted purple sweet potato Kit Kats on Ebay!

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