Supportive Wire-Free Bras For Fuller Busts

Supportive Wire-Free Bras For Fuller Busts

I was recently in London, which like NYC, has everything. In Spain, Black haircare and full bust anything are virtually non existent. Therefore, every time I go to the UK, I stock up on the things that I can't get in Spain. This time, I needed a long haul flight bra, in other words a wire-free bra. It's been a while since I've been on a long (8+ hours) flight. I used to take frequent trips from Abu Dhabi to New York JFK and Shanghai Pudong to Cleveland. Those flights were between 12.5 to 14 hours. After a few of these long haul flights, I got into the groove of optimizing my comfort, which included wearing a wire-free bra.

When I'm trying to sleep on a flight, I don't want wires digging into me, nor do I want a bra that's lacking support. I still have to get from the plane, through customs and baggage, and then interact with the taxi driver or ride the metro before getting to my hotel. Therefore, I need a bra that is going to be comfortable and maintain support. Sports bras are very supportive and some are wire-free, but the ones for fuller busts are too confining. While wire-free lounge bras tended to lose elasticity quickly. By the end of the flight, the girls were not as supported as they were at the beginning of the flight, which made me a bit self-conscious. I found the Parfait Adriana Wire-Free Lace Bralette decent for long flights. It was better at holding elasticity, but still not perfect. Also, it was a little too small, so when I bent over, the girls spilled out. 

On a recent trip to London, a Bravissimo store was around the corner from my hotel. I have some red eye flights planned in the near future and wanted to invest in a supportive, but comfortable wire-free lounge bra. Bravissimo's Post Surgery Bra is stylish, comfortable, supportive, and holds elasticity. I'd update the name to "Post Surgery/World Traveler" bra, because it is good for both. The girls remained upright even after wearing the bra for a full day. Also, it's not a plunge, so spillage is less likely, which is key when trying to sleep in a public place like an airplane. I'd rather not have to try to discreetly adjust while sitting next to someone. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase and can't wait to try it out on my next red eye flight to the Middle East.

Bravissimo Post Surgery Bra

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