The Year of the Boobs

Body and skin tone inclusivity are things now.  Consumers are demanding that companies cater to more than just the "standard" (however that is defined) and some companies have finally acquiesced.  Plus size models are gracing the pages of sports illustratedChristian Louboutin and Nubian Skin make nude products for different skin tones, and, much to my personal delight, there's been some high profile media coverage of #BustyGirlProblems.

From Ariel Winter to Lindsey Pelas busty girls and our problems are coming to the forefront.  Hopefully, this type of media exposure will continue to be a trend, because I am tired of busty women only being fetishized, dumbed down, and on display for perverted consumption.  Now, there are guides on how to dress your big boobs (with a shout out to yours truly) and full cup bra fitting issues.  Keep up the good work!

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