GG Cup Adventures

I recently had a pop up shop at The Heavy Hanger, which is a fantastic full bust lingerie boutique located in Wichita, Kansas.  Before my arrival, I relayed to the owner, TeOnya, that I was in desperate need of a nude bra and that I usually wear a 32H.  Well...before the start of the pop up shop, she measured me and determined that I'm a 30 band.  Then she hands me a number of 30GG bras.  In my previous blog post, H Cup Adventures, I state that I was sized at The Rack Shack and Iris Lingerie (both in Brooklyn, NY) as a 32H; however, that was 18 lbs ago.  Monthly hormonal changes and weight fluctuations can cause one's breast size to fluctuate as well.  This is one of the many reasons why frequent bra fittings are a must.

I will admit that the 30 band does feel a little tight, but it's something that I can probably get used to.  I noticed that the 30 band sits lower on my back than the 32.  Remember, a band that rides up the back is a sign that it's too big.  

I went a little crazy and bought five 30GG bras from The Heavy Hanger (they have an EXCELLENT inventory of full bust bras), and I have one on the way from Bare Necessities.  I've only had the chance to really wear two of them:  Freya's Deco Vibe Molded Plunge Bra with a #jhook in mocha (my nude) and the Idol Molded Balcony Bra in black.

As I mentioned before, me and plunge bras don't usually go together.  Some of them lack lift and my boobs seem precariously about to spilleth over even if the fit is perfect.  However, the Deco Vibe has excellent lift and hold as well as some beautiful details like the mesh band and j hook.  I would probably go up a cup size to a 30H because I get qaudra boob whenever I bend over or move around a lot and find myself frequently adjusting.  I would wear this to the office or a place where I'm not moving much, but on a fairly active day I wouldn't wear it.

The Idol Molded Balcony Bra is a classic staple.  It's comfortable, has great lift, and covers enough boob so that I can move around a lot and my boobs stay in place.  Freya has great attention to details.  I like the subtle vertical lines in the fabric and white stitching.  I almost purchased this bra in red but I REALLY needed a black bra.

Stay tuned!  I will soon give my thoughts on Deco Shape Ivory Molded Strapless Longline, Harlequin Rhea Bandeau, Deco Spotlight, and Kiyoko Blush Plunge Balcony bras.

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I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but I will be posting a review in a few weeks.

Kristen Allen

I am so curious about the Deco Shape Ivory Molded strapless longline!!! I need a strapless bra for my wedding!! Can’t wait :-) Hope you are doing great <3

Laura Henny

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