Why Exclusively Kristen Chose To Debut With Basic Garments

In the Spring of 2013, I decided to start a company that manufactures apparel for large busted women like myself.  I have an eclectic sense of style in that I usually leave my apartment, for example, wearing artisanal earrings from Argentina, a bracelet from Colombia, a silk scarf from China, a purse from Ecuador, and suit pants custom made in Thailand.  Depending on where I'm going and the season, I prefer colorful ensembles, particularly in orange, purple, or yellow.  One of my favorite outfits is a yellow polka dot halter dress.

So you may be thinking, "Why aren't Exclusively Kristen clothes a reflection of Kristen's personal style?"  Well, here are my answers:

  • Since Exclusively Kristen launched a few months ago, I wanted to play it safe with a few basic pieces in solid colors that would appeal to a wide range of tastes in order to maximize the potential for sales and customer feedback.  I am particularly interested in feedback pertaining to the garments' fit so that I can focus on perfecting the fit before venturing into more adventurous waters.
  • There are two types of garments that are the arch nemesis of women with large breasts: tank tops with built in bras and button downs, so these two categories of shirts are essential in the Exclusively Kristen collection.
  • A night out on the town has a more liberal skin allowance than the workplace or a religious institution, and there are plenty of garments that a chesty woman can buy for a casual day.  The garment can be tight fitting and show some cleavage, but that is okay in a casual context.  However, business casual attire that is properly fitted and conservative is definitely lacking for busty women.
  • Universal attire is the button down and tank tops are highly versatile.  Tank tops with built bras didn't exist (until now!) for women with large Breasts and I am proud to say that Exclusively Kristen is the ONLY company that sells tank tops with built in bras made specifically for busty women.  Also, solid colors like black, white and navy are must haves and complementary to almost all other colors.
I wanted to debut with a more size inclusive version of the garments that gave busty women the most grief.  Also, I wanted to be the one who solved the biggest shopping problem of all for busty women: finding business casual attire that fit properly.  But rest assured, I am creative and I will be introducing some colorful and unique styles in the near future.
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