An Ode To Niche Fashion: A Celebration Of The Badonkadonk

In the next installment of "An Ode to Niche Fashion", I highlight some other awesome companies that cater to underserved body types, particularly women with a little more junk in the trunk.  

Not only do I have trouble finding shirts that fit because of my 32G's, but I also have a hard time finding pants that fit.  If I buy for my waist, then the hips, thighs, and butt are too tight but if I buy for my hips, thighs, and butt, the waist is way too big.  Luckily, there are a few brands that cater to the pear/hourglass figure.  

For business casual pants, I usually buy Ann Taylor's curvy line.  They have a variety of mostly basic colors (grey, navy, khaki, black, white) and cuts (flare, straight, skinny) that are work appropriate, as well as a line of jeans.  I recently stumbled upon Poetic Justice Jeans and was delighted that they had a great deal for first time buyers.  I bought a few pairs of skinny jeans including my absolute favorite, the Maya Grey Skinny Midrise Jeans.  The other skinny jeans that I bought are too skinny for my thighs, but the Maya looks absolutely great on me and it's very comfortable.  

A few years ago, a friend of mine who also sports a badonkadonk started raving about PZI Jeans.  She not only has junk in the trunk, but she's also tall.  So shopping for pants was a nightmare until she discovered PZI Jeans, which offers a line of tall as well as regular sizes.  Also, she lives in Atlanta so she was able to buy in store.  Unfortunately, no stores in Ohio (where I was living at the time) carried their jeans, so I had to order online.  PZI Jeans offers more room in the hips, thighs, and butt than Ann Taylor and Poetic Justice, and I love the array off styles and colors that they offer.  

As a fellow niche fashion company, I contacted PZI Jeans in order to inquire about their inspiration for starting a company that makes "jeans for women with curves."  Similar to the busty women that Exclusively Kristen caters to: "women with curves have an ongoing issue finding stylish jeans, and PZI Jeans has amounted to being a lifestyle changing brand for most curvy women."  Katrina, Marketing and Public Relations Representative for PZI Jeans, goes on to say that PZI Jeans "...accommodate[s] our customers by designing denim that has more room to compliment the hourglass curves. Our team members are very conscious that curves come in many shapes and sizes, and we want to ensure our customers feel great when they put on a pair of our jeans. It’s important that women with a streamlined waist, fuller hips and curvy bottom have the ability to enjoy their lifestyle by wearing stylish jeans with comfort. I wouldn’t say women with curves have been excluded from mainstream fashion, but more so overlooked and misrepresented; however we encourage women with that body type to find a home with PZI Jeans.”

In the upcoming blogs, I will introduce other niche fashion companies including a label that caters to short statured men and another fashion company for trans-gendered women.  Stay Tuned!


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