Just Say No To Playing Peek-A-Boo With Bra Bands

One of my biggest fashion pet peeves is when (on the rare occasion) I find a sleeveless dress or shirt that looks like it can fit my G cups, I try it on, and everything is perfect...except my bra band and straps are exposed at the arm holes.  This is an all too common infraction that is the result of apparel brands not taking into account that fuller busts equal wider bra bands and straps.

So, I would like to give a huge thanks to Canadian luxury brand Joseph Ribkoff for designing the Black and Hibiscus Dress (see photos) in such a way that the arm holes fully conceal wider bra bands and straps.  I discovered this brand because I was visiting my parents for the weekend and my mom wanted to go to the Joseph Ribkoff trunk show at Bonnie's Goubaud in Cleveland.  The aesthetic and cuts of most of the garments offered at the boutique are more mature than what I usually wear, but they had a few pieces that I liked.  My mom was especially fond of the Cocoon Silver Jacket and I liked the Diamond Sleeved Top and the Retro Chic Flare Dress.  After checking out the Joseph Ribkoff spring and fall collections and a few other brands, I made my way to the back of the store.  There I discovered the Black and Hibiscus and a cute cream colored dresses.  I tried on the cream colored dress first and was disappointed that my bra band played major peek-a-boo with the mirror.  Then I tried on the Black and Hibiscus Dress and it was like a miracle happened.  Not only are the arm holes covering my bra band but the stretchiness of the fabric and the belt eliminate the pregnancy look that is so common with dresses on a busty figure (see right photo).

I really liked my experience at Bonnie's Goubaud.  The salespeople are so nice and helpful, and the boutique also has nice jewelry and interesting purses.  I fell in love with a necklace that has pearls (or are they mother of pearls?) positioned like a flower.  It is so elegant and beautiful!  

I will keep Joseph Ribkoff under my radar because they do have some big bust friendly shirts and interesting prints.  Also, I will definitely buy the Cocoon Silver Jacket for my mom's upcoming birthday.  Hopefully, she will not read this blog and it will be a surprise.


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