A Kiva Story Part II: Fabric Choice

After looking at many fabric swatches from different suppliers, I have decided to go with 100% cotton sourced from Japan. Japanese cotton is well known for being of high quality and, as both a business owner and consumer, I can't fathom using low quality materials that I wouldn't wear myself. Also, the fabric is heavy but soft, which is good for maintaining structure but won't chafe the skin.

Many of you shared your insights on which type of fabric you'd like used for Exclusively Kristen's bust-friendly shirts. Customer feedback is extremely important because I want to make sure that I'm putting garments on the market that look and feel great! I chose 100% cotton because some people have skin allergies to synthetic materials plus cotton is better for the environment. As I mentioned in the last "Busty Girl Story", I will manufacture the shirts in black, navy, and white. I also chose this particular fabric because it comes in many different colors. It's customary for a fashion brand to offer a style in 2-4 basic colors and rotate a few "fashion" colors every season. So let me know what other One and Only Shirt colors you'd like to see at Exclusively Kristen.

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