Nude Bra Options For Full Bust Dark-Skinned Women

The following is a guest post from Sam, owner of Toronto's D+ bra and swimwear shop: Broad Lingerie.

I read Exclusively Kristen's blog post about the lack of "nude" bra options for full bust, dark-skinned women and I want to share some alternatives that may help to mitigate this problem.

As for a smooth cup style, it's going to be tricky, but I have some ideas. First, some thoughts on why it's so hard to find what you're looking for:

  •  It's hard to make a smooth bra that supports in bigger cup sizes. A t-shirt bra is made by heat forming cups over a mould of what the brand has decided your breasts are shaped like. So it's hard to get a perfect shape match. Plus, seams allow for more shaping (just like in Exclusively Kristen's beautiful princess seamed shirts - you wouldn't be able to create a seamless version!)

  • There's still a gap in the market when it comes to GG+ cups, especially in smaller bands. Lots of options have appeared in D-G, but once you get to GG+ it's limited. While there are some interesting options in the plus size/full bust market, most of them start in 34 or 36 bands. Boo!
  • Add in the perfectly reasonable need for a bra that is close to your skin tone, and we've got a really tricky situation. 

Here are my ideas:

  1. Buy a bra in a sister size & get the back altered. This is less than ideal, but worth looking at, because many of the options I can think of stop at G or GG. You could try the Deco Vibe in Mocha in a 34GG (I know you tried the 32GG) and have the back taken in. Or you could look at the Gossard Glossies (smooth, unpadded) bra, which is available in a rich brown. This one stops at a 32G, but the cup is cut BIG (When I was wearing a 32G in everything else, I fit a 32FF in this). You could try this in a 32G with a back alteration. Empreinte makes a seamless bra called Kaela up to a G cup in a taupe colour. This bra runs big in the cup (so a 30G fits like a 30GG). You could try this bra in a 32G with a back alteration. Finally, Fantasie makes a bra called Premiere in an "ombre" (taupey-brown) colourway. It goes to a GG cup, so a 32GG with a back alteration may work.

  2. Freya makes a seamless nursing bra in 30 bands up to an HH cup in the ombre colour! I know this is not perfect...but it's close.

  3. Try a seamed bra with soft seams and soft lace. I own exactly 2 seamless bras, but I prefer seamed bras because they give better lift, shape and support. Plus, as a 32G/GG there's a lot more selection in seamed bras. Ewa Michalak makes a lovely bra called Naomi that should be available in your size (I'd advise the 30HH, because her cups run small). I own this in 32GG and find the lace and seams pretty discreet under clothing. Comexim makes lots of smooth, non-lace bras with very subtle seams. I don't know if they have one in darker skin tones (their Polish website is a little confusing).

Note that Broad Lingerie will host a Bolero and Exclusively Kristen pop up shop in December. I can't wait!

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