Travel Series: Armenia

Travel Series: Armenia

Note that recommendations on the Busty Girl Travel Series are based on my opinion. I paid for the trips with my own money and I was not given any compensation nor sponsorships.

In the third part of my Busty Girl Travel Series, I will give some tips about the first country to establish Christianity as a State religion in 301 AD, Armenia. Armenia wasn't initially on my list. I was traveling to Georgia (the country, not the state) and I wanted to also visit a nearby country. Big brother was definitely watching because YouTube suggested a travel vlog about Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan looked interesting, so I prepared my application for a visa and went to the Azerbaijan Embassy. The Consul informed me that, due to COVID, tourist visas were not being issued. He offered me coffee and water, and we chatted about the country and he even gave a recommendation for a local Azerbaijani restaurant (it was excellent!). It was the most non government government experience I'd ever had. It was so pleasant that I vowed to visit Azerbaijan when it opened up...and I did! Stay tuned for my Travel Series: Azerbaijan post. It turns out that Armenia and Azerbaijan have a testy relationship but more on that later.

Because Azerbaijan was out, I decided to travel to Armenia on my Caucuses trip. Armenia didn't seem like it had much and I was only familiar with the country, like most Americans, because of the Kardashians. I now stand corrected. Armenia was a pleasant surprise. The countryside is gorgeous, the food is amazing, and it's really easy to get around. I was there for a week and I wish that I had of stayed longer.

Armenia was occupied by the Soviets, Persians, and Ottomans, so there are remnants of those empires strewn about the country, especially within the architecture. Also, since Armenia was the first Christian country, there are many 1,000+ year-old churches scattered throughout. As you explore the churches, I recommend going on a hike. Dilijan is a good spot, but you should hire a guide because the trails are not fully developed. Also, Armenia is known for its brandy and I can attest that it's good and worth bringing back as gifts. Finally, the icing on top of this wonderful country is that it's CHEAP! 


Visas are not required for U.S. citizens

Negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival


Yandex app is cheap and efficient in Yerevan. However, if you want to see old churches and other sites outside of the city, you should rent a car or go on a tour.


Beeline (I went to the store on Northern Avenue because the prices at the airport were more expensive)



Genocide Museum
Dancing Fountain at Republic Square (occurs at approximately 8pm or 9pm)
Ararat Brandy Museum (book the tour in advance, the English tour is only at certain times)
History Museum (closed because of COVID, but I heard good things)
Sergei Parajanov Museum
Art Space
Martiros Saryan House Museum
Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque

Outside Yerevan

Noravank Monastery
Geghard Monastery
Sevanavank Monastery (recommended for the location. Sevan is a lovely part of Armenia.)
Hagharcin Church (recommended for the location. Dilijan is considered the Switzerland of Armenia.)
Tatev Monastery
Wings of Tatev

Noravank Monastery


Vernissage Market


Mirzoyan Library
Tavern Yerevan Armenia
Gouroo Club & Garden.
Tumanyan Khinkali (the lamb stew! RSVP early to book a table on the balcony)
Dolmama (Patronized by Kimye and Hillary Clinton. I stopped by to see the menu and I wasn't dressed to the 9s. Despite my casual appearance, the host was extremely nice and even showed me where the Kardashians sat.)
ZaNaZaN Yerevan
Sherep Restaurant
Gwoog Gastro House (located in Gyumri. I didn't go, but the city and restaurant were highly recommended.)


Hyur Tours (my only complaint is that the tour was bilingual, Russian and English, and there was more explanations in Russian.)


Ecosense Medical Laboratory

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