Why Exclusively Kristen Apparel Is A Must For Women With Large Breasts

What Makes Exclusively Kristen products so unique and a necessary addition to any woman's wardrobe who wears a D+ cup bra?  In this blog post, I will outline three types of shirts that we offer and detail our design process, which is integral in making sure that our shirts are the perfect fit for women with large breasts.

Empire Waist Shirts

Our Urban Gypsy Top consists of an empire waist and scoop neck.  On "normal" shirts (made for women with A/B cup breasts), the empire waist will not sit below the bust of women with large bosoms but will instead sit at or near the nipple line for an imperfect fit. The scoop neck will be too low, exposing cleavage. This is okay for a night out on the town but not okay for work or formal functions. During the design process of the Urban Gypsy Top, I made sure that the scoop neck was higher than "normal" and that the empire waist band sat below the bust, so I essentially lengthened the area between the waist band and scoop neck.

Button Down Shirts

Button down shirts are like a four letter word for busty women. If you buy your proper size then the shirt gapes at the bust, but if you buy a size larger the waist, arms, and shoulders are too wide. Most large bosomed women either buy a size larger and get the shirt tailored, forego button downs altogether, or always wear button downs underneath a sweater or cardigan to conceal the gaping chest. At Exclusively Kristen, we utilized princess seams on our One and Only button down shirt so that we can add room and contour the shirt around larger busts for a smooth, tailored, and feminine look. We also position the buttons in such a way as to further reduce gaping.  

Tank Tops

Tank tops and large breasts rarely go together. Usually, the straps are thin and non-adjustable, the neck line is too low, and the built in bra is not big enough to support and fully cover large breasts. The elastic band at the bottom of the built in bra barely makes it past nipple line. In addition to the inadequately sized built in bra, the spaghetti straps on a "normal" sized tank top are usually thin and non-adjustable, which offers little support, so going bra-less is out of the question. Even if a busty woman has a good, supportive strapless bra, the bra band will be visible under the armpits because designers don't take into account that large cup bras have wider bands and thus don't resize the armpit holes to conceal them. Exclusively Kristen's Full Coverage Tank Top has thicker straps, a higher neckline to conceal cleavage, and smaller armpit holes to conceal wider bra bands.

Exclusively Kristen apparel is made for busty women, by busty women. The devil is definitely in the details and we have that covered in our thorough inspection of each shirt. This is to ensure that the fit is right and the look is polished and professional.

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