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When I was a teenager, the internet was barely a thing.  I attempted to shop at Guess and other trendy stores, but quickly realized that my boobs+trendy didn't go together.  I went to Catholic school, so the uniforms were actually a benefit.  However, on weekends and dress down days, I had the tendency to look a bit frumpy (which extended into my post school/working adult fashion) and this definitely wasn't by choice.  Unfortunately, there was no in between with my boobs, either I looked age/work inappropriate or bland.  I had a few "trendy" shirts in high school and college from Express, but they were tight fitting V-neck pullovers in solid colors...for me that was trendy.  I also played sports in high school and had to wear two bras during games and practice, and it goes without saying that I wasn't wearing my proper bra size.  Back then, there were no big bust blogs or, to my knowledge, clothing brands specifically for busty women.  I'm so glad that the internet has made information exchange so easy and thus made it possible to better avoid the fashion struggles of my youth.

Below are some bloggers who are trying to save us from fashion and bra fitting busty lady at a time.


I like Hourglassy because she features garments on different body types and is one of the few bloggers that focus on garments as opposed to lingerie.  Also, the Big Bust Clothing Swap is brilliant!  I'm sad that I missed it this year (a close friend was getting married on that day).  Hopefully, she will do it again next year.

The Full Figured Chest

The Full Figured Chest is run by a copywriter for the high end lingerie industry.  She reviews full bust lingerie, but also provides business advice for lingerie companies.

Bras I Hate

Bras I Hate is pretty self explanatory...she writes about lingerie (both loves and hates), but also incorporates a lot of personal anecdotes.

Bras and Body Image

Bras and Body Image is not just a lingerie blog, it is also a feminist blog that focuses on female empowerment and body positivity.  I can definitely get behind that!  Blog entries such as: "Consent, Rape Culture and Sex Education" are good spins on the usual fashion-centric approach.

The Breast Life

The Breast Life has reviews and recommendations on full cup bras and big bust friendly garments.  I like this blog because it discusses interesting issues that are usually overlooked, such as nude bras for every complexion and gynecomastia (male breasts).

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I’ve heard good things about Elomi bras.


Aged 67, overweight and currently wear 38F Fantasie Belle balcony bra because it’s the only one I’ve found which holds me reasonably well. Would like some suggestions about other quality bras.


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