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Exclusively Kristen PR Contact:

Year Exclusively Kristen was founded

Year Exclusively Kristen was officially launched

Kristen Allen

Location founded
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Location of current operations
Brooklyn, NY, USA 

Major products/services 
Exclusively Kristen is a company that sells apparel and accessories that cater to DD+ bra cup women, sizes 4-20.  We showcase a curated collection of fashions designed to flatter and complement the large-busted woman. Each item has been selected for its quality, fit, distinction and unique point of view.  Blouses are custom made to our exact specifications and demanding standards of quality. They are uniquely designed to fit and flatter buxom bust lines, with precise proportions and fabrics that provide stretch and eliminate pulling. For more detailed information about what makes our products unique and innovative, read our blog post: "Why Exclusively Kristen Apparel Is A Must For Women With Large Breasts."

How much Exclusively Kristen products cost
Our products range from $20-$149 with free shipping to the USA and its territories on orders over $100.  International shipping is available to select countries. 

Where our products are made  
Apparel is manufactured in the USA.

Materials our products use
Garments are made of 100% cotton, cotton/lycra blend fabrics, linen, and polyester.

Overarching market statistics 
In the USA, the average bra size is a 34DD, but standard clothing patterns are designed for a B cup figure.  Pregnant and nursing women will grow 1-4 cup sizes from their pre-pregnancy bra size and there are 6.3 million pregnant women in the U.S. at any given time.  Also, 4.93% (1,518,440) of women in the U.S. have undergone breast augmentation surgery.  

Lingerie companies are adding large cup bras to their catalogs due to high demand, which means that there must be a concurrent demand for apparel for large cup women. Exclusively Kristen exists to serve this very underserved population of large breasted women.


    Kristen Allen

    Founder and President


    Exclusively Kristen Products:

    The Classic Polka Dot Shirt (left), The Signature One and Only Shirt (middle), The Bow Collar Shirt (right) 



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