Big Bust Bloggers Part II

In a previous blog, I listed 5 bloggers "who are trying to save us from fashion and bra fitting busty lady at a time."  Below I will highlight 5 more bloggers who offer valuable insights on navigating the lingerie and apparel landscapes (which can be more like an obstacle course) when you are a D+ cup woman.

Sweet Nothings

Sweets is a certified bra fitter and "lover of all things silky and frilly."  I highly recommend following her on Instagram, which features sexy but tasteful boudoir photoshoots of the lingerie and apparel that she reviews.  As a 32GG, Sweets knows firsthand how difficult it is to find the right fit and support for her large bust.  She blogs about both lingerie and apparel, and I find her reviews honest and detailed enough for me to make the right decision as to what to buy.

H Cup Chronicles

Newcomer to the big bust blog scene, H Cup Chronicles follows 30H Niamh who, like Sweets, is also a bra fitter, which adds a layer of legitimacy when reviewing bras.  Even though she only has a few posts, they span a wide range of boobalicious topics from self breast exams to lingerie reviews to the Moda UK Exhibition.  I look forward to seeing what the future holds for H Cup Chronicles.  

The Lingerie Addict

Founded in 2008, The Lingerie Addict isn't a big bust blog per se, but it does cover brands that make full cup bras and big bust topics.  I like that some of the discussions come from a socially aware vantage point.  The blog not only reviews lingerie but it covers a range of topics within the lingerie industry including "How to Choose Lingerie for Your Boudoir Photoshoot" and "Pillowbook: Chinese Lingerie as Art."  I always look forward to what will be covered next.

Becky's Boudoir

30GG Becky of Becky's Boudoir focuses on the full bust/small band lingerie market with occasional reviews of apparel, nutrition, and beauty.  I am particularly fond of her review of a wireless bra by Royce Lingerie.  I had no idea that such bras exist for full cup women!  

2 Cakes On A Plate

30GG/H Finnish blogger Sophie writes about "lingerie, bra fit and all things D+."  She is a fan of pinup and rockabilly culture, which makes both her website and some of the photos interesting and non traditional (in a good way).  Her reviews are broken down into three easy to follow categories "design", "fit", and "comfort."  On a serious note, I found her post about rape culture, which featured anecdotes of the sleazy men who contact her through the blog.  This is something that deosn't surprise me, but I'm glad that she is bringing awareness to this issue of online harassment of femaile bloggers.

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